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6 02 2008


1 astuce en passant pour les férus de petit bricolage, voici 1 exemple pour confectionner 1 pilier de la MORIA, bon ok les indications sont en anglais, mais avec les images, ca nous montre qu’avec 3 fois rien, on peut faire de belles choses.

J’ai d’autres exemples, pour d’autres maquettes, alors bon bricolage…

Ninjameister shows youhow to make cheap and easy columns in the style of Moria. 

Since I published the first pictures of my Moria project, I was almost swamped with requests for an article on how to build the columns. Unfortunately, my pocket money is not exstensive, therefore I have to look for cheap and alternative products that I can use in my projects.
The basic building materials that I used for this project were ‘Beer Mats’ (those cardboard squares that you place your drink on in pubs and clubs). 


Beer mats are very common and free (just dont get caught taking them), more free to me as my parents run a Hotel.
So now that I had my chosen medium to work with, work started in earnest. 


I found The Fellowship of the Ring Special Extended Edition very helpful with regards to research.
In the appendix I found many sketches which helped me throughout the project.
I made my own sketch and used this as a basis for building the project. 




All in all, I used 23 Beer Mats.
The first thing to do is build 3 main pieces which are used as the basic structure for building upon.
Each main piece needed to be smaller than the previous to allow a basic column to be built. 


Next, the basic design of the pattern on the columns in the movie were cut out, and then further piecs were cut in ever decreasing sizes.
These were then glued one on top of the other. 


Once all the required parts had been cut, all that remained was to glue all the parts together (see below for self explanatory picture). 




The whole piece was undercoated with Chaos Black spray and left to dry.
Once dry, several layers of Grey were drybrushed over the entire item, each getting progressively lighter in colour. 


A very simple way to make an effective column. I hope you enjoyed the article ! 




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